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 Panasonic is the new brand name for SANYO Laboratory Products



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Panasonic Laboratory Freezer

NEW Energy efficient -86C Freezers.

Up to 55% less energy consumption compared with previous models


Panasonic Launch an Energy Efficient 333L -86C Freezer. 

45% less energy consumption than it's predecessor. 






Panasonic launch the Energy Efficient MDF-U76V 728L -86C Laboratory Freezer   CO2 Incubator with a Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System   High Performance LaboratoryFreezer with Dual Cooling  Technology

Panasonic Energy Efficient laboratory Freezer

  Panasonic MCO-19AIC CO2 Incubator   Panasonic  Lab Freezer



  The new MCO-19AIC CO2 Incubator delivers the benefits of advanced CO2 and temperature control together with multi-level contamination control including the optional Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System. More>>>>>>



    Panasonic CO2 Incubator MCO-18AC    
    Panasonic MCO-18AC CO2 Incubator    
    The MCO-18AC CO2 Incubator is specifically designed for those scientists who require a high specification CO2 incubator whilst still maintaining a cost effective solution. Includes InCusaFe contamination Control, TC CO2 Sensor, Alarms and great temperature control.  More>>>>>    

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