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Panasonic Ultra-low Temperature VIP -86C Laboratory Freezer range - the lab freezer, ultra low freezer range 



Laboratory freezer - Lab freezer, ultra low Freezer

Storing your samples in a laboratory freezer is even easier with the range of Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIPTM) Laboratory Freezers from Panasonic. These Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) 86C Laboratory Freezers have evolved to include new features such as added sample security and condition monitoring, alongside all the usual outstanding features you would expect from a Panasonic ultra low Freezer.

Laboratory freezer: Lab freezer VIP Insulation

Panasonic VIP(TM) technology halves the insulation thickness conventionally needed, giving up to 30% more storage space inside these laboratory Freezers, without increasing the footprint and reducing work space usually required in your laboratory for an ultra low freezer.

Laboratory freezer: Lab freezer sizes

Three models are currently available, the MDF-U33V (333 litre capacity) which is ideal to use as a personal storage unit, the MDF-U55V (519 litre capacity) and the generous MDF-U74V (728 litre capacity), all with vastly reduced footprints compared to traditionally insulated ULT Freezer models. Compliment your freezer storage solution by adding our custom designed sample storage inventory racks and storage bins, specifically designed for ultra low freezer storage. 

Laboratory freezer: Lab freezer Coolsafe Compressors

Coolsafe is a specially designed Compressor for Panasonic Ultra-Low Temperature freezers. Evolving through continuous innovation; the reliability and performance of our specially designed ULT compressors has always been unmatched. Our ULT freezers are considered to be at the top of the market all over the world. 

The Cool Safe compressors achieve a 10% higher energy conservation than compressors on previous models.The aerodynamically designed and placed components in the refrigeration compartment provide superior airflow, making it possible to significantly reduce the stress to the freezer and contributing to excellent durability.

A compressor that produces less heat than before, a noise level even lower than before and a reliability and performance even more unmatched.



Panasonic Labortatory Freezer

Model shown MDF-U76V

Ultra Low Freezer

Lab Freezer


Other features of this lab freezer, ultra low freezer range include:

  • Status alert (condition monitor) notifies of potential problems before they happen.

  • Full alarm system.

  • Insulated inners doors preventing cool air leakage.

  • Rugged outer door latch and padlock facility.

  • Large, easy to read control panel.

  • Optional Multiple inner doors.

  • Optional Circular recorder, CO2 and N2 back-up systems.

  • MDF-U33V, MDF-U54V and MDF-U74V now feature the new energy efficient COOLSAFE refrigeration system that reduces power consumption by more than 10% when compared with their previous models.


Model Description Size Downloads
MDF-U33V -86C Upright VIPTM Laboratory Freezer 333L / 11.8 cuft Literature
MDF-U55V -86C Upright VIPTM Laboratory Freezer 519L / 18.3 cuft Literature
MDF-U74V -86C Upright VIPTM Laboratory Freezer 728L / 25.7 cuft Literature
MDF-U76V -86C Upright VIPTM Laboratory Freezer 728L / 25.7 cuft Literature

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The MDF-U55V is  certified as a Class IIa Medical Device (93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC) for medical purposes of storing cells, DNA and/or frozen Plasma.

Lab Freezer Literature

Click on the images to download our VIP Freezer literature.

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Ultra Low Freezer Lab Freezer




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